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Who Needs Video? You Do!
The video has stopping power like no other medium. It offers a unique chance to tell your story, engage your audience, and drive traffic to your website. But compelling video production is a lot more than just aiming a camera pressing ‘record.’ At Branded Broadcasting, we help you identify your audience and locate where they are active online. Then we create engaging content that makes them stop, watch, and stay until the end. The future is building a 24/7 online branded network that puts you in charge.

As a full-service digital agency, we excel at producing compelling videography that never loses sight of your brand communication. From the initial consultation to end product and placement, our seasoned professionals make the entire process easy. 

What we do

He heard something that he knew to be music

We believe the things we build influence the design. We bake technology into every stage of our process, giving clients innovation services — future-forward experimental prototyping — and cost-effective engineering services, including development and maintenance.

Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-In have replaced direct mail to become fast and straightforward ways to reach your essential demographic and have it be passed on to others. Aside from the benefit of saving postage and printing costs for direct mail, Social Media is at a considerable advantage by having the ability to go ‘viral,’ meaning it could be passed on indefinitely until it reaches more people than you could imagine. Taking advantage of these great networking tools is a great way to grow your business; however, merely having a Facebook page is not enough. Utilizing these ‘social’ media tools to their full potential means being social and finding a unique way to engage your audience.

Custom pages, Apps, YouTube Channels, and More!
Changing platforms and strategies like the transformation email and websites busy business world is rapidly looking for a way to keep their audience at their fingertips 24 hours a day. The answer is Social Media and creating your broadcast channel.

Pulse on the Market
At Branded Broadcasting, we take Social Media to a level that creates interest and keeps your brand ahead of your competitor. Being experienced in all of the Social Media platforms allows us to determine which sites are right for your business expertly. We create customized Facebook and Twitter pages, YouTube Channels, and applications for Facebook. Once these are established and in place, you not only have total control of your brand image, but they also become marketing tools that are practically free. Let us show you how we can successfully integrate Social Media into your marketing plan, and make your business more accessible to your customers.

Technology & Development
Web Development
Responsive web development tailored to your goals means that your website can grow with your business and its customers.

Marketing tools can have a massive impact on strategy and revenue by simplifying processes and capturing valuable data.

App Development & Design
Apps are a powerful marketing tool, making your brand indispensable by being there for your customers everywhere they go. Your customers are carrying around powerful computers in their back pockets – and you can take advantage of that. The reason we’ve all heard “there’s an app for that” is because 80% of Internet users own a smartphone – and we’re spending 89% of our mobile time on apps compared to just 11% on websites.

Qubit Lab app developers know that apps are an undeniably fierce marketing tool, granting brands the ability to become indispensable by being there for their customers everywhere they go. Apps can educate and entertain, and when app development and design are done right, they can make life a whole lot easier. 


Influencer Marketing Services

Branded Broadcasting partners with influencers to deliver storytelling experiences across digital mediums.  We are storytellers. We work with top social influencers to create and amplify curated stories targeted to defined audiences. We develop and execute influencer-marketing strategies to drive brand engagement and online social conversations.
You will work with our in-house creative strategists, influencer project managers, digital media analysts and social media experts to define your ROIs goals and to execute your brand’s campaign from start to finish.

We select & validate top-performing influencers.
We customize an influencer strategy that works for you.
We manage content with influencers and clients for best performance.
We analyze and monitor influencer performance.
Influencer Marketing Services
• Influencer Management
• Influencer Program Development
• New + Earned Media
• Social Influencer + Blogger Outreach
• Strategic Partnerships
• Content Creation Programs
• Content Amplification 


Digital Media Management

BRANDED BROADCASTING is a full-service digital agency, content studio, and incubator.

We believe in communication through sport
We craft authentic campaigns and experiences for brands around the things that people are already the most passionate about – sports, entertainment, food (even video games) – pulling your brand off of the sidelines, and placing it in the spotlight. We don’t bring brands to events, and we make brands the event.

Marketing, cultivated
Create authentic, entertaining, inspirational live videos
Connect with people in real-time on any device. Activate your experts and influencers and start a conversation with your customers. This is how you cultivate brand loyalty in a digital world.
Watch the video to see how Hydro Flask tells an essential brand story to customers and makes a big splash on their first Brand Broadcasting live event. 


Product Innovation

We offer design thinking-based and technology-driven services in digital product innovation, customer experience management, and digital transformation. Our service offerings include:

Effective solutions are born from data and insight: we take the time to learn about your goals, ask the right questions to understand your business, empathize with your users, understand your competition, and the problems or opportunities that you are seeking to address.

Understanding what drives your customers or users and where these overlap with your business goals, help us uncover the ideal path to engagement. We build roadmaps to success that are backed by data-driven user and market research plus with our wealth of experience.

Experience Design
Great design is essential to business. Our design-thinking lead process permeates our organization and culture. Our designers converge their design and business skills with your industry insight to create simple and memorable experiences for your users and customers.

Through communication, collaboration, and transparency, our flexible and agile process guide the projects from definition through developing and executing without a hitch. Mobile to enterprise-scale apps, our work is always built for reliability, flexibility, and scale.